weekly-ish album log!

doing my best to take the time during the week to chill and listen to a new* album (*"new" to me, not necessarily new at the time of listening) for my own personal enjoyment and for the sake of expanding my music taste. can't promise any super interesting commentary unless i feel inspired to do so.

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05.22.23 - 06.04.23

yehah this is late ive been busy with finals and work and shit. listened to these over 2 weeks and made this update on 07.21.23, so lets just say ive had a lot of time to marinate on these albums

1.) Use Your Illusion I (1991) - Guns N' Roses

ok yeah this album is really really fucking good i enjoyed every track. really my only gripe is that they made this after axl kicked out stevie :(( fav tracks; don't cry, bad obsession, double talkin' jive, november rain, dead horse, and coma

2.) Use Your Illusion II (1991) - Guns N' Roses

ALSO good. my point about use your illusion i remains the same for ii. but supremely bangerful album regardless! except for axls rapping lool just not for me. fav tracks; civil war, knockin' on heaven's door, get in the ring, breakdown, pretty tied up (the perils of rock n' roll decadence), so fine, and don't cry (alternate lyrics)

3.) Van Halen II (1979) - Van Halen

GOD DAMN DUDE. such a fantastic fun album ughhh ilu mr eddie van heddie. fav tracks; dance the night away, bottoms up!, women in love..., and beautiful girls

4.) L.A. Guns (1988) - L.A. Guns

this was aight! very fun listen but not my favorite album, i will still likely listen to more la guns :3. fav tracks; no mercy, sex action, hollywood tease, and down in the city

5.) New Tattoo (2000) - Motley Crue

i am The ceo of enjoying the fuck out of the motley crue albums made without a founding member of the group (self titled and this one). i'll admit there are a lot of questionable lyric choices in some of these songs and the mv for hell on high heels sucks ass BUT the vibe and sound of this album is just ugh. fantastic and so recognizably motley crue it had no reason to flop so hard at the time (same goes for self titled). ilu mick mawrs. and also thats all of the crues studio albums listened to !! perhaps ill give the live + compilation albums a try. fav tracks; hell on high heels, treat me like the dog i am, new tattoo, hollywood ending, and fake (this was difficult bc i love every track on this)

6.) Billion Dollar Babies (1973) - Alice Cooper

HEEHY I LOVEE ALICE COOPER HEEHE yeah this album rules and who is surprised. don't have anything else intelligent to say im just tryn to get this entry done LOL ;v;. fav tracks; hello hooray, elected, billion dollar babies, no more mr. nice guy, and i love the dead

05.15.23 - 05.21.23

1.) Van Halen (1978) - Van Halen

ooooohhh yeah baby. decided to do van halens discography will def see more of em in future playlists >:3. fav tracks; eruption (UGH. DUDE!!), you really got me, i'm the one, atomic punk, and little dreamer

2.) School's Out (1972) - Alice Cooper

DUDE. BANGER AFTER BANGER!!! not a single bad track on this album. fav tracks; schools out, my stars, public animal #9, and alma mater

3.) Generation Swine (1997) - Motley Crue

ok!!! i liked this a lot more than i expected :3 but i do understand why mick didn't care for it LOL (ilu mick mars :3 ). fav tracks; flush, generation swine, glitter, let us prey, and shout at the devil ‘97

4.) Midnite Dynamite (1985) - Kix

AGAIN. BANGER AFTER BANGER i added every somg to my playlist and also. Just the horniest album ive ever listened to LOL (not a complaint of course). fav tracks; Red hot (black & blue), bang bang (balls of fire), walkin’ away, cold shower, and sex

5.) Still Climbing (1994) - Cinderella

THERE IS LUTERALLY NO BAD CINDERELLA ALBUM THEY ALL FUCK CRAZYYY!! and theres the first discography finished (for this log at least)!! perhaps i'll try tom keifer's solo stuff soon :3. fav tracks; all comes down, hard to find the words, through the rain, the road's still long, hot and bothered

05.8.23 - 05.14.23

1.) God Bless Tiny Tim (1968) - Tiny Tim

idgaf i am a 100% genuine and unironic enjoyer of tiny tim's music. if u dont get it u dont get it. fav tracks; tip toe thru' the tulips, livin' in the sunlight lovin' in the moonlight, on the old front porch, stay down here where you belong, ever since you told me you loved me (i'm a nut), and the coming home party (i picked a lot I KNOW whatever. i make the rules here)

2.) Everything Harmony (2023) - The Lemon Twigs

THIS CAME OUT JUST THIS WEEK UGHHH. ive been so hyped since they dropped the first single a few months back and they they DELIVERED !!!! love them lemon twinks. fav tracks; corner of my eye, any time of day, what happens to a heart, born to be lonely, and ghost run free

3.) Spiritual Unity (2001) - Seijin Noborikawa feat. Soul Flower Union

discovered this artist after ryuichi sakamoto's album "beauty" introduced me to okinawan music. this album is AMAZING so captivating and beautiful, and i just love the sound of the sanshin ;v; one of my fav instrumence. fav tracks; kunjan jintoyo, naritai bushi, asadoya yunta, midori no okinawa, and shindensa bushi

4.) 1984 (1984) - Van Halen

partner rec heehy :3 dont ask me why i listen to some artists discographies in order and some i dont bc EYE dont even know. anyway album gud i WILL be listening to more van halen >:3. fav tracks; jump, panama, drop dead legs, i'll wait, and girl gone bad

5.) Stay Hungry (1984) - Twisted Sister

ok slay. rly enjoyed this one glad i gave TS a try >:) fav tracks; we're not gonna take it, horror-teria (the beginning: captain howdy/street justice), i wanna rock (hehe.... spunch bob), and the price

05.1.23 - 05.7.23

1.) Multiplish (2012) - Hatsune Miku Orchestra/Paw Laboratory

ok yeah there was absolutely no doubt i would enjoy this i love u miku i love u ymo ;v;. fav tracks; tighten up (japanese gentlemen stand up please!), day tripper, the end of asia, and taiso

2.) Casiopea (1979) - Casiopea

yeahhhh baby. if u havent listened to any casiopea u need to change that IMMEDIATELY im so serious. crazy talented group of musicians. fav tracks; tears of the star, swallow, dream hill, and black joke

3.) Who Came First (1972) - Pete Townshend

UGHHHH ilu pete townshend. i REALLY lovd this album omg ;v; hes seriously such a talented musician and songwriter wahh. fav tracks; pure and easy, evolution, time is passing, (nothing is everything) let's see action, and theres a heartache following me

4.) Thunder In The East (1985) - Loudness

another rec from my partner :3 RLY GOOD ill try to add more of their stuff to future playlists. fav tracks; crazy nights, we could be together, and never change your mind

5.) Killer (1971) - Alice Cooper

OOH BABY yeah im super on the alice cooper train now this album fucks crazy. fav tracks; be my lover, yeah yeah yeah, dead babies, killer

6.) G N' R Lies (1988) - Guns N' Roses

i did enjoy Most of this but one in a million fucking sucks LOL. but for the most part good album i enjoyed the acoustic tracks a lot :). fav tracks; reckless life, nice boys, mama kin, and patience

04.24.23 - 04.30.23

1.) Two Steps From The Move (1984) - Hanoi Rocks

SLAYED banger album miss u 4ever razzle. fav tracks; up around the bend, i can't get it, don't you ever leave me, boulevard of broken dreams, and cutting corners

2.) Saints Of Los Angeles (2008) - Motley Crue

old fuckers still had it ig! chicks = trouble cringe as hell though didn't care 4 it BUT face down in the dirt and the title track sooooo gud. obligatory ilu mick mars. fav tracks; face down in the dirt, saints of los angeles, mutherfucker of the year, and this ain't a love song.

3.) Pretties for You (1969) - Alice Cooper

brings me back to my pink floyd era, very syd barrett pf. also, did not know alice cooper was a band at first i just thought it was always the Guy alice cooper. tha more u kno! fav tracks; swing low sweet cheerio, living, levity ball, and reflected

4.) Appetite For Destruction (1987) - Guns N' Roses

tbqh i added this album bc i have it BAD for saul slash hudson and felt like i was obliged to listen to some gnr. and i was not disappointed i LOVED this album >:3. fav tracks; welcome to the jungle, nightrain, mr. brownstone, paradise city, and rocket queen

5.) Theatre Of Pain (1985) - Motley Crue

YAHH i like. tbh i went into it with lower expectations bc i'd heard a lot of ppl don't care for this album, and even vince had said most of the songs on it besides smokin in the boys room and home sweet home were forgettable LOL but i did enjoy it :3. also, milf mars era thts all i have 2 say. fav tracks; smokin' in the boys room, louder than hell, home sweet home, tonight (we need a lover)

6.) Easy Action (1970) - Alice Cooper

gonna be real i didn't super care for this album, maybe i should give her another chance in the future but i didn't like any of these songs enough to add to my main playlist sorryyy :/ they cant all be winners

7.) Love It to Death (1971) - Alice Cooper

THATS MORE LIKE IT !!!! really really dug this one, def listening to more alice cooper. fav tracks; black juju, hallowed be my name, second coming, and ballad of dwight fry

8.) Kix (1981) - Kix

listened to this while making this log :3 another band rec from my partner VERY GOUD ill have to listen to more kix >:3. fav tracks; atomic bombs, heartache, poison, and contrary mary

04.30.23 - Format Redo + Quick Recap

WELL. i forgor and got lazy doing a daily album thing so im re-optimizing my process bc it satisfies my autism. Now ill update da log weekly based on the playlist of albums ive made to listen to during the week :3. Also here are the albums i enjoyed in full for tha first time since the last log, no album art or youtube links cos im lazy bing that shit yourself >:)


Hatsune Miku Orchestra (2010) - Hatsune Miku Orchestra/Paw Laboratory

LOVVEEEEE LOVE LOVE i mean. miku covering songs by YMO, one of my favorite bands ever, my expectations were exceeded and then some. i had listened to kimi ni mune kyun before but almost everything else on this album was new to me! theres also another hmo album ill need to listen to, multiplish >:3. all awesome but my fav tracks on this were la femme chinoise, expecting rivers, kimi ni mune kyun, and rydeen :3


Dr. Feelgood (1989) - Motley Crue

GOOD GOOD SHITT !!! I get why this album got the amt of praise that it did :0. also the intro to she goes down made me laff a little. for better or for worse i am cruepilled. favorite tracks were dr. feelgood, without you, same ol' situation (s.o.s.), and time for change !


Night Songs (1986) - Cinderella

more metal haha, really enjoyed this one!! listened to it while i cut my own hair (turned out fine thank god) and. yeah i dont have anything super intelligent to say but my fav tracks were night songs, shake me, nothin' for nothin', and nobody's fool :3


Shout At the Devil (1983) - Motley Crue

my partner has been trying to cruepill me so after listening to a couple songs it suggested i decided to listen to this album in its entirety. very good i enjoyed it :3 i dont listen to much metal music but ill definitely listen to more of their stuff! fav tracks on this were shout at the devil, bastard, and ten seconds to love :p